Julia pic by David
About Your Trainer – Julia Priest

I have been training dogs for nearly four decades and enjoy teaching and helping people get the most from their pets with common sense techniques that anyone can do.
I have successfully competed all over the US and in Europe with my own dogs in Obedience competition, Police K9 work and Tracking, Herding and IPO (Schutzhund.)
Working at this level and in these different arenas has given me so many more tools and skills–so much more experience with so many issues, that helping people with their pets is a breeze for me, and I truly enjoy it.
Because after all the trophies and ribbons and awards, my dogs are and will always be companions and pets first. They deserve that, and so do yours.
Whatever is going on with your dog is not your fault, and with my help and guidance, together we can fix it.

Some Accomplishments

North American SchH2 Champion, Northwestern Regional SchH3 Champion • UScA North American FH Champion ( 3 different individual dogs)  AKC, ASCA and UScA Obedience, Tracking, and Schutzhund titles including CD CDX UD TD TDX Bh Fh FH2 , and SchH/IPO 1, 2 and 3  •United Schutzhund Clubs of America Master Sports Medal in Gold since 1996  • . Bred, trained and titled  multiple GSDCA Performance Award of Merit recipients •  Represented the US at the FCI World Tracking Championship in Germany  • Commendations from the City of Lodi for  service on the Animal Shelter Commission  • Training and behavior consultant for numerous Shelters and Rescues