Wouldn’t it be great if you could ….
Bring your dog along when you meet a friend at your favorite outdoor cafe and have him lie quietly next to you even if other dogs are present
Go camping or hiking with your dog so you can enjoy the great outdoors safely, knowing he will come when you call him and stay by your side when you ask
Welcome company without having to  lock your dog away every time the doorbell rings, having your dog meet friends politely without jumping up just because “he’s excited.”
With personalized in-home dog training all this is possible, and even more


Serving Lodi, Galt, Acampo, Lockeford, Morada and surrounding area.

Good At Home

Is your dog really a good dog, but just needs a little help listening? Jumps on guests (because he’s excited!)  Maybe runs out the door, and doesn’t always come when called in the yard? Maybe he is “counter surfing” or he pulls on the leash when you walk him. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could greet guests politely, go for a walk without pulling, or stay on his bed while you eat dinner? Then the Good At Home Program is for you.

This program includes:

Basic good manners around your home and yard.

-Come When Called
-Calm Leash Walking
-Leave It! (Drop my sock!)
-Polite Greeting Guests In Your Home
-Go To Your Bed (even when you’re eating or have guests.)
-Safe Socialization: The correct way to Introduce your pup to other dogs without becoming overly excited, reactive or fearful

Four Private Lessons in your home

Two semi private lessons in public ( One or two  other dogs present)

Unlimited access to group  sessions (after private lessons are completed) for a period of six months

Text and Email Support and Group Sessions for Six Months
Training equipment provided.

Good To Go Program

You want the freedom to do what you love while your dog is around. Have people over while your dog behaves politely from the time you open the door. Go for embarrassment-free walks. Be able to leave for work without the chase around the yard.
Not only will he listen around the house now, but will also listen around distractions – like in public and when you have company over.

Or maybe there are just several things that you could use some help with… barking, running out the door, lunging at other dogs on leash, not coming when called, jumping, stealing things from the counters… whatever it is, we can help!

This program includes:

Good manners around your home AND out in public around common distractions

A three day intensive “jump start” where the most practical important obedience commands are learned and reinforced solidly by me at my home so that you can  skip the hard part and just practice with support and help after skills are learned

Four Private Lessons in your home to solidify the training and help you master the techniques to insure your dog listens to you as well as to his trainer

Three Field Trip Lessons in public places

Unlimited access to group sessions for a period of one year

-Off-Leash Sit/Stay
-Off-Leash Down/Stay
-Come When Called off-leash
-Calm Leash Walking In new locations and with greater distractions.
-Leave It! (Greater temptations)
-Polite Greeting Guests In Your Home AND Out In Public.
-Safe Socialization: Training your dog to listen to you around  other dogs without becoming aggressive, overly excited, or fearful
-“Town Manners.” (learning to be calm in public areas such as outdoor cafes )

Training equipment provided.

Great Everywhere (Best. Dog. Ever!)

All the skills your dog will ever need to be a great companion everywhere you go.

This program includes:

Two week board and train with follow up visits t and lessons for you to seamlessly put your l dog’s training and your abilities together

8 Private lessons in your home

4 “Dog Only” sessions ( Trainer takes your dog for lessons  and exercise in public  and brings him home tired and smarter)

Follow up Support for the Lifetime of Your Dog.

-Heel off lash In new locations and with greater distractions
-Polite Greeting Guests In Your Home AND Out In Public. no matter what the distractions
Active Socialization: We teach your dog how to be solid around any group of dogs, so that he can ignore the distraction and listen  to you when needed, but still be allowed to interact with select dog friends when you choose
-Town Manners. (learning to be calm in public areas such as outdoor cafes )
- Accepting Veterinary and Grooming Behaviors such as Nail Clipping and Ear Cleaning

Off-Leash Skills:
-Emergency Down
-Come When Called over strong distractions
-Heel by your side around other people and dogs

All training equipment provided.

 Julia’s dog, Betsie performs in a DMV training video called ” All Our Customers.”
group place

A group of Day Training clients relax on their cots during rest time.