From Kristine H.

Hey Julia!! Thank you, thank you!! I took Teddy for a long walk this morning with my neighbor and her dog. HE DID GREAT!!! It was such an enjoyable walk, I almost couldn’t believe it was Teddy!!! Woooohooo!!!!!
Gabriela R
Julia is awesome! Kona is my first GSD puppy and she helped me better understand him tremendously. Even after the first lesson I could easily see a difference in him. I took her advice and I work with him everyday on what she thought me, and he gets better and better everyday. I love the way she trains because she teaches you as well, and has you do everything with your dog instead of just telling you what to do and sending you home. She definitely knows what she’s doing! With her training I’ve become more confident and Kona has too! Thank you Julia!

From Sheri D
My husband and I recently rescued a small standard Dalmatian.  We named her Poke-A-Dot and she is an awesome addition to our spotted family.  She had a couple of issues and I decided to search out a dog trainer to help us.  I have gone to dog training classes in the past, and none of the instructors really made an impression on my mind, so I decided to search out a new one.Wow, I am sure glad I did!!!  We found Julia who owns Coach for Canines.  Poke-A-Dot bonded with her on day one.  The training for Poke-A-Dot was beyond anything that I had expected to receive.  Over the course of six weeks, Poke learned how to heel on a leash, walk on a leash without pulling me along, sit & stay, down & stay and how not to jump up on people.  However, and very importantly I learned the proper techniques to teach all of these things to Poke.  I really wish I would have meet Julia a lot sooner, but I am so glad she has had a positive influence on Poke and I.  If you are looking for a dog trainer who really cares about dogs, Julia is your gal.

From Sven R
I don’t understand dogs.  I love them, but I don’t understand them. Humans are from Earth and dogs are from Pluto. 

How do I make my beloved German Shepherd not run out an opened door? How do I get her to sit…and stay seated? Not tug on the leash while on walks? Lie down? Stay in a room without roaming around? Potty training?  

All this and more, Julia had the fast and easy answer.  Sure, work is involved but it’s easy work. Julia instructs you how to train your dog in a way anyone can do it.  My kids can train my dog because of Julia!

Spend an hour with Julia and learn a lifetime of behavioral skills for your dog.  Julia will prove you can teach an old person new tricks. 🙂