Training Programs

All programs are ciustoimizable depending on how much individual help you desire

Good At Home

Is your dog really a good dog, but just needs a litle help listening? Jumps on guests     ( because he’s excited!)  Maybe runs out the door, and doesn’t always come when called in the yard? Maybe he is “counter surfing” or he pulls on the leash when you walk him. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could greet guests politely, go for a walk without We have a program for that!
4 Behaviors/commands like: Sit (and stay!), Come, Loose Leash walking, Off (do not jump up on people) and  Leave It
3 Private Lessons at your home
1 Public Lessons to practice around distractions together
3 months follow-up support and drop-in to dog social walks as offered


Good To Go Program

You want the freedom to do what you love while your dog is around. Have people over. Go to the park. Go for embarrassment-free walks. Be able to leave for work without the chase around the yard.

Not only will he listen around the house now, but will also listen around distractions – like in public and when you have company over.

He’ll come when called, too. No more chasing around the yard or having to physically make him get off the couch when you say.

Or maybe there are just several things that you could use some help with… barking, running out the door, lunging at other dogs on leash, not coming when called, jumping, stealing things from the counters… whatever it is, we can help!

This program is perfect for families who want more 1-on-1 help to get things done even faster.

This program includes:
Off-leash listening.
Behaviors/commands like: Sit (and stay!), Come, Loose Leash walking, Off (do not jump up on people), Leave It, Polite Greeting, Down (lie down and stay), Place (go to a mat or bed and stay… even when you’re eating or visiting with friends; Perfect for dinner time and when you have company. How nice would that be?  We can do that!
4 Private Lessons at your home
2 Field Trip Lessons (Julia & your dog 1-on-1) to practice around distractions in public. At the vet, the park, or the coffee place, wherever you could use some extra help.

6 months access to group training walks and gatherings
Necessary training equipment
Refresher Lessons: 3 private refresher lessons you can use anytime you’d like in the future if you need some polishing up!  plus e-mail or text support any time


Custom services

Additional specialized training available…competition skills, behavior problems.

Just schedule a consultation in your home and together we’ll figure out a custom plan to help your dog be the best he can be.