Training Programs

Great Puppy–Great Dog Program

When you start with this program, your dog will grow UP knowing so much, you will never have issues or problems to fix later on. This leaves you room to actually train him to do something like a sport or game if you want, or just to have the best behaved dog on the block. A dog you can take to ball games, family functions, or just travel out and about with confidence  knowing he will listen and behave  appropriately. Why settle for a dog you’ll have to “break” of bad habits, when you could just build a great dog from the ground up…

alm down in the house

Baby Puppy – 8 weeks-5 months

Learn without luring ( we do use food rewards, but teach puppy we don’t have to have a treat in front of his nose to have him do something for us)

Sit    Lie down       Name/come  Leash walking    Leave it    Crate training

Polite Greeting ( no jumping up)      Introduction to  handling/grooming acceptance

Settle      Fetch games—give up the ball!   Door manners—no jumping whining barking scratching at door

Veterinary /Grooming behaviors ( Allow handling, exam, feet, ears to be examined at home)

Advice and support from a trainer who has raised and trained dozens litters of puppies in the past 30 years from infant puppies to highly accomplished competition dogs.   I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two!

Housebreaking,  feeding, Equipment  recommendations    Grooming/ nails, Active Learning   ENGAGEMENT: How to teach your dog to pay attention to you, not just your treats

SOCIALIZATION coaching:  The correct way to Introduce your pup to other dogs without becoming overly excited, reactive  or fearful

5+ months  ( post teething)  to 8 months ( onset of puberty)

Recall with distractions ( come when called off leash around distractions)Increased Socialization Skills Visit to vet or groomer  with other dogs in proximityPlace/ Stay with distractions  Introduction  to more advanced off leash skills : Heel, Sit ,Stay, Down,  Come

Park manners – relaxed walking in the park with other dogs presentFormal greeting ( CGC manners)  Sit, allow petting, meet other dog in controlled fashion on leash    Veterinary and grooming behaviors ( Allow basic grooming/handling, exam, feet, ears to be examined. Visit to vet or groomer for practice.

Young adult 9 months-24 months

Completion of training for basic skills and manners, more exposure to off leash distractions and other dogs , refinement of skills . This will be so much easier since you have done the foundation work already. Time to blossom into the great dog you wanted with no “issues” to fix. We just build up the  Distance, Duration, and Distraction ability so your dog is not just well behaved but impressive.

Choose  from a  combination of

Separate week long board and train sessions, where your puppy lives in my home with me and my dogs, goes on field trips and gets training multiple times a day as well as exercise and socialization.


Individual private in-home lessons over each time period ( Baby Puppy, Pre-Teen, and Young Adult)

Plus initial puppy consult, and  in home lessons at the beginning and end of the board and train sessions

Example: One two-week board and train, 12  private lessons

Or All 4 week Board and Train or All 24  private lessons

Training equipment provided

Good Dog ! At Home Program

This program is for fan milies who want to do the hands on work, but need coaching and support . Wish your dog had better manners around the house? Wouldn’t you love to have friends over, let your kids play together while your dog comes and sits still when you need him to? With this program, he won’t jump on anyone, won’t play bite anymore, and will even come when you call. Oh, and he won’t drag you down the street on his leash anymore. He’ll stop pulling so walking your dog is the fun, peaceful exercise you’d dreamed of. Finally!

This program includes:
4 Behaviors/commands like: Sit (and stay!), Come, Loose Leash walking, Off (do not jump up on people) and  Leave It
3 Private Lessons at your home
1 Public Lessons to practice around distractions together
6 months follow-up support.

Good To Go Program

You want the freedom to do what you love while your dog is around. Have people over. Go to the park. Go for embarrassment-free walks. Be able to leave for work without the chase around the yard.

Not only will he listen around the house now, but will also listen around distractions – like in public and when you have company over!

He’ll come when called, too. No more chasing around the yard or having to physically make him get off the couch when you say.

Or maybe there are just several things that you could use some help with… barking, running out the door, lunging at other dogs on leash, not coming when called, jumping, stealing things from the counters… whatever it is, we can help!

This program is perfect for families who want more 1-on-1 help to get things done even faster.

This program includes:
Off-leash listening. (Great, since family dogs are almost always off-leash anyway!)
Behaviors/commands like: Sit (and stay!), Come, Loose Leash walking, Off (do not jump up on people), Leave It, Polite Greeting, Down (lie down and stay), Place (go to a mat or bed and stay… even when you’re eating or visiting with friends : Perfect for dinner time and when you have company. How nice would that be? Think your dog can’t do that? I guarantee he can and will !
5 Private Lessons at your home
2 Field Trip Lessons (Julia & your dog 1-on-1) to practice around distractions in public
2 Public Lessons (you, your dog and Julia together at the park, the vet or wherever you’d like)
Written instructions for training
1 year follow-up support for items covered
Necessary training equipment
Refresher Lessons: 3 private refresher lessons you can use anytime you’d like in the future if you need some polishing up!  plus e-mail or text support any time